Every three years the exterior of your house has to be painted according to the colour scheme below. The paints are available from Brewers Paints in Hither Green or from any Dulux Trade Paint centre. Please note that retailers might use different name to describe the same colour. While we have provided commonly used names below, we ask residents to order paint based on the British Standard numbers provided to ensure that they get the correct colour.

  • Porch side rails & door = BS 18 B 29 (Raven)
  • Panel under front window = BS 10 C 39 (Dark olive / Saluki / Seaweed / Riverbed)
  • Window sashes, gutters, downpipes = BS 10 A 07 (Nimbus grey / Wood ash / Woodash)
  • Garage door and frames = BS 10 A 07 (Nimbus grey / Wood ash / Woodash)
  • Letterbox panel = colour of choice
  • All other areas = BS 00 E 55 (White)

The Keep owns some ladders for use by residents. Please ask Andie at No. 11 for their current location if required.

There is an outdoor tap by the garage block for car washing and watering. We’ve also got hoses, which you can find under the manhole covers opposite No. 30 and adjacent to No.2.