Information for new residents


The Board of Directors of The Keep Residents’ Association Ltd (KRA) welcomes you to your new home in The Keep. We have compiled a few facts for you to make your life easier and to make you feel at home in your new community. Whether you have bought your house, or you are renting, we hope that the following is helpful. Should you have any suggestions for improving this pack we’d be delighted to hear from you.

History of The Keep

The Keep was built by Span developments in 1957/8. There are other Span Estates in Blackheath (e.g. The Lane, Corner Green and The Plantation) as well as across the south east of England. Span Estates have won awards for their architectural design and landscaping which forms an integral feature of all Span estates. If interested, you can learn more about Span developments by reading ‘Eric Lyons and Span’ by Barbara Simms. When we last checked in July 2017 the title was only available through online booksellers.

Conservation Area

The Keep has been designated a conservation area and we have some specific requirements about maintaining our houses as a consequence of this.

The Keep Residents’ Association Ltd

All owners of houses on The Keep contribute financially to the upkeep of the grounds and the estate roads, which are private, by paying a subscription, currently around £225 per quarter paid by standing order. Please note that residents who miss payments or pay late, impose an unfair burden on the rest. Please contact the Board for payment details.

You may have bought your house on a freehold basis, or be a leaseholder. Originally, all of the houses were supplied on long leases (999 years), many of which are still owned on that basis, with the owner paying a minimal ground rent to the Landlord. All owners of The Keep houses have been offered the chance to buy the freehold (meaning they no longer need to pay the ground rent). Not all owners have thought the freehold was worth the expense. Feel free to approach any of the Directors if you have questions about this.

Whether or not you are a freeholder, you do need to know about the estate’s Management Scheme. Your solicitors should have told you about this during the house buying process. All the Span estates have a Management Scheme, designed to ensure that the residents keep the estate looking as it should. All owners have to have a share in the company (The Keep Residents’ Association Ltd.), and the previous owners of the house should have transferred their share to you. If you do not have a share certificate please contact the Board.

Owners also agree to keep their houses well maintained, painting the outside every third year, and to keep the uniformity of the design and colour scheme. It is this uniformity, which helps to make The Keep recognisably a Span estate, and by ensuring that your house and its surroundings are well maintained, will increase the value of all homes on The Keep. So, if you do wish to make any changes to your house, check first with the Directors of the KRA, who will consider your application. Further, it may also be necessary for you to make planning permission from the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The Management Scheme has been approved by the High Court, and cannot be changed in any major way. We’ve included some information about the exterior painting scheme which all houses must comply with below.

The Keep Residents’ Association Ltd (KRA) is run by volunteers and as such we actively encourage our neighbours to get involved in the running of the estate. The Board typically meets monthly to discuss the management of The Keep. Directors’ contributions to the KRA can range from expressing a point of view on a decision through to being actively engaged in managing maintenance and strategy for The Keep. We hold a meeting for all shareholders once a year, typically in St. Michael & All Angels’ Church Hall on Pond Road to discuss major issues affecting The Keep. The AGM is held has normally been held in May or June (but in response to shareholder requests we are holding it in September in 2017). We will write to you in advance of the meeting to invite you and we look forward to seeing you there. If you are interested in getting more closely involved in the running of the Keep Residents’ Association please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Directors listed below.

List of Board Members

Please remember that all Directors are volunteers and receive no remuneration for their efforts. Current Board Members are listed on the Contact page.

Rubbish collection

Typically the Royal Borough of Greenwich collects rubbish on Tuesdays. Collection days do vary when Bank Holidays fall, but we are normally given advance notification from the Council. For the majority of houses on The Keep the collection point for wheelie bins is at the railway track end of the garage block. The exception is for houses which have back gates onto Morden Road Mews where residents are able to leave their wheelie bins. Please put out the rubbish on Monday evening, and collect your bin as soon as possible. If you don’t do this it causes problems for traffic coming and going by the garages, and makes the area look untidy. RB Greenwich operates a three colour scheme collection service:

Rubbish type Description Bin to use
Food and garden waste e.g. kitchen scraps, leaves, twigs, grass cuttings and other   garden waste Green top bin
Mixed dry recycling e.g. paper, glass, recyclable plastics Blue top bin
All other waste Items not listed above Black sacks or blacktop bins


Gardeners are employed by the KRA to maintain the communal areas and to carry out projects for The Keep. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the Directors if you have comments, or ideas on how to improve the communal garden areas. Diane (no. 5) is one of our volunteers, and she is a good point of contact for liaising about garden maintenance.


These are found at the back of Nos. 64 to 54, accessed at the side of 64. If you wish to have use of one of these contact one of the Directors. There are still some areas that can be allocated, but please be aware that for new allotment spaces you will need to do some work to clear the ground before you are able to use.

Neighbourhood watch

We have a Neighbourhood Watch representative – Claudine Rice at No. 15 – who maintains The Keep’s crime log. Residents are asked to notify Claudine of any break-ins, attempted or successful, to house car or garage. Any suspicious callers, or casual ‘passers- by’ should also be noted and reported. The intention is to establish any emerging pattern in criminal activity in and around the Keep.

Meanwhile, residents are reminded of a few simple and sensible precautions:

  • Keep doors to house and car locked, even if you are only absent for a short time
  • Invest in lighting and sound devices which make your home appear occupied, even when you are out
  • Do not leave valuables on display in your porches, e.g. bikes or prams
  • Lock away garden implements or they may be used to force entry
  • Avoid leaving out cash for trades people which makes your house an attractive nocturnal call.

The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is run by the vigilance of good neighbours. If you do see anything suspicious do not hesitate to dial 999 or if it is a general police enquiry the Greenwich Crime Desk.

For more advice please visit

Social Events

We are a friendly community and take the opportunity of socialising on a community basis. If you want to see your neighbours in a different light, there is The Keep Summer BBQ usually held in June, and our own Keep fireworks night held in November.


A newsletter appears approximately every two months in conjunction with each KRA Board meeting to keep residents up to date with developments. Any urgent matters are circulated separately. If you have anything to add to the content of the newsletter, please contact the Board.

Content:  amended October 2017 by Adam J-D.

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